Our Mobility Future May be More Autonomous, but Will it be More Equitable?

So, will autonomous vehicles be a panacea or another pandemic for low-income households and communities of color?  Only time will tell, but so far, most discussions of a brave, new autonomous future fail to happen within broader discussions of economic and racial disparities that exist today, much less are they being considered within a broader regional context of housing and land use policy. We all need to recognize the interconnections between transportation, housing and equity.

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October Speaking and Report Release Events featuring MZ Strategies

This month MZ Strategies is at Rail~Volution in San Francisco, the Shared Use Mobility Summit in Chicago and releasing a new report funded by the Ford Foundation on local and federal strategies to support equitable Transit Oriented Development (eTOD). Follow us on Twitter @MZStrat and check back later this month to download a free copy of "Advancing Equitable Transit Oriented Development through Community Partnership and Public Sector Leadership."

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Bringing the Shared Economy Revolution to America's Medium Size Cities

Shared Mobility is revolutionizing transportation but it still is not clear that America’s medium-size cities will share in this revolution. Lower densities, smaller market size, and a lack of traffic may impede their adoption. Or perhaps we’ll see more experimentation as entrepreneurs work to adapt technologies to meet these different types of markets.        

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