Update: Mariia Zimmerman invited to be Visiting Fellow at Virginia Tech's Metropolitan Institute

I am very pleased to share the news that in addition to my freelance consulting work, I will be spending the next year at Virginia Tech's Metropolitan Institute as a Visiting Fellow. I look forward to working with Joe Schilling, Ralph Buehler, Thomas Sanchez and other Faculty Fellows at the Metropolitan Institute on advancing Sustainability issues through lectures, research and publishing materials through the Institute's on-line resources.

Also serving as Metropolitan Institute 2012-2013 Visiting Fellows: 

Michelle Cullen is a PhD candidate from the London School of Economics focusing on the one of the planning field’s hottest topics—intelligent or smart cities. Michelle also works on different smart city projects as part of her employment with IBM. She will be engaging Virginia Tech scholars and students on her dissertation work on smart city initiatives in Portland, Oregon and Dubuque, Iowa.

Kimberly Hodgson is an alum of the VA Tech MURP program and has distinguished herself as a leading expert in the emerging field of food systems planing. By also holding a Masters Degree in Food Policy from Tufts, Kim is ideally suited to understanding the planning, public health, and food systems connections. Kim is now in Vancouver, BC, working on a variety of national research studies on planning for resilient food systems and sustainability planning.

For more information on the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech, click here. I look forward to sharing updates throughout the year related to my Fellowship!