Best and Worst of 2012

This past year I traveled to a number of communities and was inspired by the great work that is happening in places large and small to create thriving, healthy and economically strong places. I saw a number of transportation and urban planning inspirations, but also a few examples where folks had missed the mark or have significant work on improving in 2013.Here is a look at the highs and lows, I witnessed, for Political Action, Social Equity, Transportation Choice and Placemaking.

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Walkable for Whom? And to Where?

I’m proud to call Arlington County -- a livability oasis in NoVA -- home. It has become this as a result of decades of strong political leadership, extremely engaged citizens, and a business/development community who sees the value in locating near transit and designing projects that promote transit and walking, outside cafes, street trees and other amenities. However, like many communities, we still lack coordination between the School Board and County, and the reality that architects, engineers and planners rarely design the public realm for children. ​


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